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What I like to do in my spare time

Posted by Jonathan Milnus on


Life here in Tahlequah, Oklahoma is never dull, I tell you. There’s always something to do to fill whatever extra time you have in your hands. Because of the magnificent scenery, I so love exercising in the outdoors. Physical exercise helps me stay physically and mentally healthy. On weekends and a half hour after work, exercise gets my blood pumping and revitalizes my spirit by getting my endorphins flowing.

Thanks to exercise, I have been able to burn calories, build muscle and oxygenate my brain to give it that much-needed boost that can make me ready for a week or another day ahead. Thanks to exercise, I have been able to maintain self-discipline, which proves to be valuable considering the demanding work environment I exist in.

Knowing that successful people never stop reading new books, I have cultivated reading as a lifelong skill. I have no particular preference between fiction and nonfiction books, just as long as they provide me with a better understanding of the world around us. Each new character, new environment, new philosophy, new idea or new culture that is highlighted in written work is always helpful at helping me build new skills.

I go volunteering as well, and this has been beneficial not only for my sake but for the community’s as well. Knowing that I can make a difference in another person’s life provides me the satisfaction that I have made a difference in the world through my volunteer work. It has also given me a valuable means of networking, where I meet other people outside the workplace and this, in turn, can help drive my career forward. The local soup kitchen is my usual venue to achieve this.

Speaking of networking, I also take part in networking events outside the scope of my corporate hours. This has allowed me to move beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone while meeting new people. I am interested in networking with people who are into astronomy as a hobby since I own a telescope, you see. It’s been a whole lot of fun watching eclipses and observing the night sky on beautiful nights when the constellations seem to conspire to shine their brightest.

I have been able to keep my list of contacts of people who love getting the opportunity to watch the skies display an incredible view on cloudless nights. We watched the Perseids meteor shower last 2016 and got rewarded with a view of the constellation of Perseus along with the astounding brilliance of the Perseids shower in everyone’s field of view.

Watching a meteor shower can take a considerable amount of patience sometimes. However, for those willing to wait long enough with a top quality telescope, the experience will be beyond rewarding because of its being utterly unforgettable. Stargazing is much more fulfilling, of course, if you have the best quality telescope on hand.